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10 Signs Your Child’s Therapist Isn’t Working Out

  1. The only thing you get out of therapy is the fight to get your child there.
  2. The therapist can’t verbalize what he/she is working on and the skills your child is developing.
  3. Your child is past session 3 and the only thing they are working on is “building rapport” or playing games.
  4. The therapist takes the child’s side over the parents (i.e. never focusing on the child’s misbehavior).
  5. You’ve never gotten an update from the therapist about your child’s progress.
  6. Neither you nor your child can verbalize your child’s treatment goals.
  7. The therapist’s only response to behavioral issues is to suggest having more frequent sessions with your child.
  8. The therapist provides no after hours support.
  9. You start to fault therapy (and not the therapist) for achieving no results.
  10. The therapist can’t/won’t answer these 3 questions (see link).

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