Writing a child’s first individual education plan (IEP) or similar document can be a difficult task.


little cute girl is pointing remote to tv to change change channel. There is a shallow depth of field.We are very experienced in working with children who have IEPs, BIPs and 504s. We know how they work to support children, and we understand that it can be challenging (even maddening!) to put them in place.  Thus, we support parents at meetings by advocating on the child’s behalf both in person and over the phone.

  • We clarify and support the goal.
  • We provide unlimited phone contact regarding school-related issues.
  • We make recommendations for school services (such as IEPs, BIPs or 504s), including helping parents to decide what they want from the plan.

We help parents prioritize services and choose thoughtfully.

For example, is 1:1 support necessary– or even desired? Is the benefit of a special service (therapy, speech, etc.) worth the lost academic time?

Once a quality IEP/BIP/504 is in place, parents no longer need our advocacy services. Typically, these requests are resolved within two months.

*Individual Education Plans (IEP), Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP) and 504 protection help to ensure that students get the help they need to succeed in school. IEPs often serve as a parent’s roadmap for navigating their child’s education, behavior and social development. A School Services Advocate is NOT an “educational advocate.” Educational advocates generally want to find alternative placements, whereas school services advocates seek to salvage or improve the current placement.
Advocacy costs $875 when requested apart from other services.
Advocacy costs $475 when added to the Fair but Firm program.