School administrators are challenged with difficult questions when students display disruptive behaviors at school. Alternative Teaching can save schools money while helping administrators confidently and competently answer questions from:


What are you doing about this?


What do you want us to do?


How are staff being supported?

Parents, Teachers, and Staff enjoy the benefits of the Fair But Firm Model because it:

Provides staff actionable guidance for the moment a child is disruptive in the classroom

  • Our model is non-confrontational and non-putative. It provides a concrete answer the question "What do you want me to do?" with clear instructions for addressing behaviors ranging from defiance to violence.

Makes less work for teachers and support staff

  • Teachers are relieved to learn that our behavioral model is "invisible," so they can spend more time teaching and less time addressing and tracking disruptive behaviors.

Is trauma-informed

  • The Fair but Firm model is aligned with research on the neurobiology of trauma and anxiety, providing educators with tools to address disruptive behaviors while avoiding antagonistic, confrontational interactions.

Translates between home and school environments

  • Our behavioral model was originally designed for in-home use to address behaviors including school refusal and violence.  This means that parents using our program will not experience the frustration of charts, stickers, points, or levels often experienced in other programs.

Provides a more normalized educational experience for the student

  • Students can be supported and stabilized in general education classrooms, allowing for a student's continued connection with non-behaviorally challenged peers.

More than 2 dozen schools are already referring families to our services.

"Thank you for helping me, as a teacher, to guide, love and correctly respond to a seven-year-old girl in my class who has a high-anxiety disorder. Your guidance regarding what to say in certain situations was life-changing for her, as well as for me. Your advice was worth its weight in gold because I now have a handle on how to correctly respond to her behavior when she is not able to make good choices. As the year progressed, she had more self-control because she knew and accepted her boundaries. I now see her as more responsive than others around her, and she is using words rather than being physical. I have nothing but praise for this information and would be confident in telling others about this alternative way of teaching and training a child in correct choices and behavior."

"The cost of your service was a drop in the bucket compared to what we were about to spend to send her away."