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Is My Kid Failing Out of College?

Are you worried that your child will not be able to succeed in college? Concerned that your child will be dishonest with you if there are problems?

This brief clip covers tips to minimize the risk that your child fails out of college by finding and aligning with people who can provide support and help.  It also provides ideas for using what leverage you still have effectively to increase the likelihood that they succeed.

Slide Notes

Contact counseling department, Resident Advisor (RA), fraternity/sorority, teachers, etc.

▪Insist on Release of Information prior to sending them to school

▪Get to know the RA, friends, instructors each time you visit

▪Pass on your number so people can call/text if they see something go bad

▪Focus on anxiety explanation – everyone can relate to that

Don’t rely on their self-reporting

▪Watch for room cleanliness – barometer

▪Get grades, attendance records, check portals if available

▪Occasionally text friends, RA, etc. to check in.

▪Go visit – both planned and spontaneously depending on distance

Control the Purse Strings

▪Watching the money gives you both insight and leverage

▪Consider credit cards with low limits or Guaranteed pre-paid cards – Good for establishing credit.

▪Debit cards or specific credit cards that manage/monitor spending i.e. Greenlight credit cards

▪Use food cards to monitor consumption – beware they can be “sold”

▪Use Do-vs-Lose (money) if they have problems/issues (This is for readers who use Alternative Teaching’s Fair But Firm Model.)

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