Has your difficult child destroyed items in your home or your home itself? Have you spent thousands on therapy or hospitalizations that haven’t worked?

In Home Coaching Main ImageIf your child is just starting to display serious behavioral problems that are disrupting home and school, you can save yourself a lot of pain, time and money by beginning an in-home or virtual coaching program today. If you’ve been dealing with a difficult child for years with no improvement, now is the time to invest in something that works.

Because the behavioral consultant will come to you, you don’t have to worry about getting your child to sessions. In-home coaching generally occurs after school on weekday afternoons and evenings and on weekends, but other appointment times are available to meet families’ busy schedules. We consult with families seven days a week and make every effort to guarantee weekly availability. We do not charge for missed appointments and we do not have an hourly rate, so there is no need to watch the clock during sessions. We stay until all of your questions are answered.

Whether your family has recently started experiencing disruptive behaviors and you don’t want them to get worse or your family has been living with severe behaviors for years, we can help.

The benefits the family receives includes:

In home sessions

  • This means what it says, we come right to your home.
  • There is no need to fight to get your child to sessions.
  • There is no need to worry about child care for other children in the home.
  • Travel time to and from the home for each of the 10 sessions is included

10 sessions over a six-month period

  • Each session, parents learn a specific skill.
  • By the end of the program parents will have the tools and knowledge to address any behavioral issue ranging from defiance to violence. This is not never-ending therapy.
  • Behavioral improvements can be expected within the first two weeks after starting the program.

Unlimited phone support for the family for the full six months

  • Call any time your child is having behavioral issues and we will walk you through the program until the issue is resolved.
  • Our goal is to pick up the phone when you call.  If that is not possible, our policy is to return all calls and texts within 4 hours.
  • Unlimited phone support allows you to call anytime you have a question or concern. No need to wait until your next session to ask questions.  In fact, the more you call, the faster you will learn, the less you will need to call.

A customized treatment framework based on the needs of your family

  • Since our program provides skills to the parents, it can be used with all the children in the home.
  • Behavior problems affect all family members, even the ones that aren’t having problems.  We teach parents and caregivers how to get back in charge of the home and provide a safe environment for everyone.
  • Over time, you will be empowered to address your child’s behavioral issues without external assistance.
  • We can’t guarantee that our program will work for you, but we guarantee the program.  You will be able to try the program for 3-4 sessions to determine if it is effective for your family.  If you decide not to continue with the program, you will never receive an invoice.
  • What makes a situation scary is not when a child has behavioral problems, but when the adults don’t know what to do about it.  We will teach you how to address these behaviors effectively and with confidence.

One fixed price

  • All contact is included in the cost.
  • No charge for canceled appointments, after all, life happens.
  • We don’t have an hourly rate and you will never be rushed during your appointment.  We stay until all your questions are answered and all of your concerns are addressed.
  • No hidden fees.

The total fee for this six-month program is $4,900.

Read more about Our Promise.